She awoke but there was something wrong! she felt unwell an intolerable itching something wriggling and crawling, she panicked and called out to her father.
“Father help me please there is something wrong with me”. Her father spoke to her and she felt his warmth wash over as he gazed upon her “Hush my child you have an infection. I have seen it before on your brothers and sisters it is a parasitic infection. Parents throughout this universe have talked of the same thing happening to their children, and they have had to eradicate the parasites. I will cure you of this my sweet child as I have cured your brothers and sisters before, be still and all will be well”

The planet Mars

Research scientist Ned Harper reached the sensor array at the summit of Olympus Mons. Dusk was coming and he needed to get back to the base camp below before nightfall. He opened up the array control panel to fit a hardware upgrade to one of the sensor modules. At the same moment as he powered down the array the sky visibly brightened, he looked around and then at the setting Sun. He used his vision enhancer to zoom in on the Sun.

A gigantic CME arched out from the sun, his heart skipped a beat. There had been no reports of impending solar activity, his suit shielding wouldn’t protect him if that much radiation reached Mars in a few days. Then he saw the CME form into a stream of energy beaming out from Sun, but not in the direction of Mars but towards a bright object in the sky which he knew was Earth.
Ned made a video call to Mars Central habitat controller Gerry Hamilton. “Gerry are you seeing the activity on the Sun” There was a pause before Gerry got back to him, he had a worried look. “Yes Ned we are monitoring, no one has any idea how that this could happen. “If that amount of energy reaches Earth they are done for”
“How long have they got before it reaches them” asked Ned. “The guys here reckon on maybe three to four days” replied Gerry. “We’ve called Earth Central and Earth orbital we are waiting for a reply, you know the time lag”

Four days later Mars lost contact with Earth and the Orbital. On Mars high powered telescopes had watched Earth burn. When it was over there were no oceans no green land just a barren blackened wasteland.

She stretched, she bathed in the high energy particles that flowed over her. The itching and crawling sensation was gone. Her father had heard her, and he had healed her.

She called out to her father and thanked him “I am here as always my child. Have you spoken to your sister? “Yes father she looks so beautiful shining brightly next to you and our little brother” “Good I am pleased you are feeling better” her father said. “One of your brothers thinks he has the beginning of an infection, he’s had it before we can deal with it later if it gets worse”.